Sea Buff & Sea Gold Package

Sea Buff & Sea Gold Package

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Fear no more of dirty fogged up goggles when diving! This Sea Gold and Sea Buff Combo Kit for Cleaning Dive Masks and keeping goggles anti-fogged is great for keeping your gear ready for your next dive trip! The bottles may look small but the formula is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. Rated best dive mask anti-fog product that's out there! Make sure you have the clearest underwater vision today!
  • Comes with both the Sea Gold and Sea Buff concentrations for your next diving trip!
  • Lasts for multiple dives
  • Can be used in any water temperatures and conditions
  • Safe for glass and plastic lenses and will not harm goggle or mask frames

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Oakville Divers

For Over 30 Years

Oakville Divers has been operating as a full time scuba shop and PADI scuba diving school for over 25 years. Our goal is to provide a scuba experience of unprecedented quality and service, along with arming diver’s with knowledge and safety. Our scuba students are some of the best trained divers in the industry, as well as the most comfortable and secure divers in Canada.



I got scuba lessons for my nephew for his birthday, and we just completed our open water (certification) dive yesterday. Fantastic experience. The classes were great, and the in-pool sessions helpful for practice - but the thing that impressed me most was the people and the sense of community.

Rob and the team are great people who teach and help. I think this sport can be gear-snobish and technical - but they were so down to earth, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you learn and have a good experience.

Would definitely recommend to anyone. It was a great activity for us to do together, and we'll be back for more dives!

Scott Russell Dempster
Oakville, Ontario

Great experience learning how to dive. Robert is a great instructor. I love anything about being underwater. I would recommend it for anyone interested.

David Morrison
Oakville, Ontario

My wife and I obtained our Open Water certification last summer / fall with Rob and his team. They were uniformly patient, supportive and capable instructors. As we are currently preparing for our first dive vacation, the staff at Oakville Divers have continued to offer support, advice and assistance. We have attended the "drop in" practice pool sessions and the dive masters are always prepared to provide gentle reminders and guidance. Highly recommended!!

Andrew Werbowski
Oakville, ON Canada

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